Angela Alexander Art Contemporary Dog & Cat Art

(pig, horse, cow, chicken, & goat)

Artist Angela Alexander expands her repertoire to include new animals

Painter Angela Alexander is known around town as the ‘dog lady,’ an aptly earned nickname inspired by the vibrant pet portraits she paints. And while that affectionate epithet is still undeniably fitting, Alexander’s collection is quickly growing to include a much more diverse selection of animals.    

Although Alexander’s subjects are still primarily dogs, she has spent the last two years focused on expanding her series to include more farm animals like chickens, cows, and pigs, as well as less domesticated animals, such as an owl and a deer.

Regardless of whether her subjects are wild animals or household pets, Alexander says a unifying theme amongst her work is that of freedom and personality.

“I aim to capture the spirit of the animals I paint, whether it be a dog or a dolphin,” Alexander said. “That’s why, for instance with the horses, I’ve typically been painting them without their bridle, and really trying to find a way to express a sense of movement in their manes.”

Alexander says she’s enjoyed finding her new models through customers and various organizations. “Jack...” is inspired by a miniature donkey at Rocky Branch Longears in Canton, and “I Like to Play Dirty,” which has been added to Alexander’s charitable Forget Me Not series, features Basil from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. On the other hand, “I Kid You Not” and “Unstoppable” are both respectively inspired by a customer's goat named Belle and a horse named Sophie.

“Of course, dogs will always be my main focus. It’s what I started painting and I feel very connected to them,” Alexander said. “But painting different animals has connected me with new parts of the community and brought new people into the studio. And I’ve found it very inspiring to explore what makes other animals unique–in form and spirit.

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Special shout out and thank you to Our State! They visited NorthLight Studios a few months ago to film for their Best Kept Secrets in Asheville series. We all had so much fun filming and showing them around the studio. Check out their video above. The guys from Our State did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the River Arts District. I am so proud to work and live in a city with such a thriving arts district.